Haircut 100 barbershop is part of the fabric and folklore of Paignton Town.

As long as many of our elder statesmen can remember there has been a barbershop on our site here on Winner Street.  We know for sure our history stretches back in the region of 100 years hence our name!

We offer the full range of barbershop experiences from baby’s first haircut, party boys wanting to look on point with todays latest trends to distinguished gentlemen of a certain age.

Whatever your reason for visiting us, a warm welcome, as well as refreshments await you.

Our Barbers:

Neil Millman owner/barber

Neil has been a barber for nearly 15 years and was taught in the old school way by legendary former owner Lee Gough, who in turn was taught by his father.  This has been reinforced over the years with the more modern approach through returning to college, which helps to refresh older skills and bring new techniques into the skill set. Neil particularly enjoys scissor work which lends itself to his more classic training.

He has 3 children who have all at some point had to earn their pocket money by sweeping up and making cups of tea for our thirsty clients.

Murat Bebat

Murat joined us in 2017 and has been an asset ever since. A great work ethic and a typical Turkish/Kurdish barber especially enjoying clipper work.

Murat trained at South Devon College and has 5 years experience behind him now. 

Apart from his football team he is a lovely, friendly guy with a wickedly dry sense of humour.  He has a young son and enjoys all sports, but mostly football.  Pity about his choice of team!